School Membership

School District Membership

Our Vision

To serve as a single point of entry and a unified voice of STEM for the Central Florida Region, bringing together industry, government, education, and the community to improve and support STEM education.

Membership Benefits                                                                          

Being a member of the STEM Alliance of Central Florida provides access to in-class programs like Engineering is Elementary and LEGO Robotics, and the STEM Alliance Teachers and Student Awards recognition program.  We also work with you to evaluate new opportunities to advance STEM education in Central Florida through new programs, outreach, teacher professional development, etc.

Membership Model

Our membership model for school districts is based on the latest projected full time enrollment in k-12 school for the district.  The breakdown in pricing is as follows:


Enrollment (Proj. FTE’s) Annual Investment
Less than 50,000 $3,000
50,000-100,000 $5000
100,000-150,000 $7,500
150,000 and up $10,000