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Through direct grants to schools, the STEM Alliance of Central Florida has been successfully underwriting teaching tools, STEM content, and recognition programs since 2014.


Engineering is Elementary® (EiE®) is a project of the National Center for Technological Literacy® at the Museum of Science, BostonThe EiE Project serves children and educators in grades K–8 with materials for schools AND out-of-school time programs. Our fun, flexible, and highly engaging curricula are designed to integrate with the science you already teach—while helping students develop essential understandings about engineering and the work that engineers do.  Each classroom receives 20 EiE units with two years of program materials.  Training and support is provided via partnership with the Orlando Science Center.

Lego Robotics (EV3) - This program targets middle school students, who are ready to start developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The EV3 program enables this through creative and playful learning experiences that combine best in class robotics with intuitive software. The Alliance provides the EV3 curriculum, teacher training and support,  and annual kit updates to enable teachers flexible ways to include robotics into their lesson plans – whether that includes freedom and flexibility, step-by-step structured processes or extra curriculum and support.


Experts in the Classroom - The Experts in the Classroom project is a new program being piloted in 2016. Leading technology companies work with Central Florida School Board Coalition STEM leaders to create classroom modules that teach core science and math principles, stimulate critical thinking and problem solving skills, and are directly tied to the districts' core curriculum using Sunshine State educational standards and workforce skills input from industry. In-class, live web-based video, and recorded on-demand versions of the modules enable industry experts to directly contribute to classroom activities as it works best within the teachers' lesson planning.

Teacher and Student Recognition - Each year, the Alliance recognizes excellence in STEM teaching and scholarship at its member school districts.  Each district receives 40 student and 4 teacher awards, which include a recognition certificate/trophy and monetary award.