Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the STEM Alliance of Central Florida?

The STEM Alliance of Central Florida is a not for profit group that brings together Industry, Education, and Government to focus on providing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education at the K-12 level. See more about our team approach.

How does the STEM Alliance of Central Florida provide STEM education?

The STEM Alliance of Central Florida’s partners work directly with the Central Florida Public School Boards Coalition to determine how best we can provide maximum impact on STEM education across the region.  By connecting directly with county STEM coordinators and superintendents we are able to inform our corporate partners what best programs should be supported to increase access to a variety of students and reach the most students.

What types of program are supported by the STEM Alliance of Central Florida?

Based on feedback from our interactions with STEM Coordinators from every county,  we are currently supporting two commercially available STEM programs, LEGO EV3 and Engineering is Elementary (EIE).  These programs have a proven track record across the country and are having a meaningful impact in our local schools.  In addition, we are developing our Experts in the Classroom program that partners industry with schools to provide an approved program that can be leveraged by the >1 million students across the Central Florida region.

What is Experts in the Classroom and why should I get involved?

Experts in the Classroom is our way of partnering with corporate companies and introducing innovative ways to provide STEM education to students. It is constructed to fit within the existing school curriculum and teaching standards, making it easy for teachers to fit it into their busy class schedules. It also provides much needed critical thinking and problem solving content. Experts in the Classroom enables students  to see great local technology and innovation, and inspires them to pursue STEM studies and careers. Find out more about what it takes.

How do I get involved with the STEM Alliance of Central Florida?

Please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to provide you any additional information that you feel necessary!