Team Approach

Future growth in Central Florida will be largely driven by technology and the area’s ability to provide the most qualified workforce.  Today, only 20% percent of degrees awarded in Central Florida are STEM-based, vs  in STEM fields, 30% nationally.  To meet these workforce demands, the Alliance believes that unified efforts are required that depend on a strong partnership between Education, Industry and the Government/Nonprofit sector.


  • Education – The Alliance relies on the Central Florida School Boards Alliance for STEM education needs and priorities.  They are essentially our customer.   We work extensively with the STEM leaders in member school districts to prioritize the classroom topics, interactions and programs they desire, as well as the area schools most in need of support.  The Universities of Central Florida and South Florida are partners for grants, expertise, and teacher preparation.
  • Industry – Industry’s role in the Alliance is twofold.  They provides resources – funding and expertise – to support STEM programs and classroom needs.  They also provide demonstrations and career information to both educate and inspire students to pursue that science and math courses that can lead to great Central Florida Careers.  Our lists of industry partners includes many of the most influential in the region (and country), and continues to grow.
  • Government/Not for Profit – The Alliance strives to leverage the excellent ongoing work being performed by Central Florida organizations in economic development and informal STEM learning.  The Florida High Tech Corridor and the Orlando Science Center are key partners,  and the Alliance will work with any interested organizations that share our vision.