About Us

The STEM Alliance of Central Florida was formed in recognition of our nation’s greatest economic challenges: Only 5% of U.S. workers are employed in science and engineering fields, despite the fact they are responsible for >50% of our sustained economic growth.

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The STEM Alliance of Central Florida has maintained longstanding partnerships with the University of Central Florida, the Florida High Tech Corridor Council, the Central Florida School Boards Coalition, and community and state colleges serving the region to assemble and provide resources in support of a mutual goal: Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education.  In fact, those partner organizations have permanent representation on our board to ensure their input and oversight.  With generous financial support from The Corridor, work is under way to create a repository of STEM assets in the region (including programs, support organizations and available tools) and to begin responding to a Coalition priority- the need for experts in the classroom.


  • Achieve the critical mass to make a real difference in STEM
  • “One stop shopping” for STEM education initiatives
  • Link Education and Industry with scalable STEM programs/ projects
  • Create a sustainable and scalable funding and support ecosystem


  • STEM Workforce/Student Preparation – Identify and fund best of breed in-class projects, lectures, industry outreach, student competitions, etc.
  • Teacher Professional Development – Augmenting existing teacher capacity and improving STEM readiness of graduating teachers.
  • Teacher and Student Recognition – Recognize and reward outstanding achievements in STEM
  • Community – Community awareness and involvement in STEM

To learn how to become involved with the STEM Alliance of Central Florida as an advocate, partner, or donor please contact:

Jeff Pridmore, Chair
Phone: (407) 514-2272
Email: info@stemalliancecfl.org