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With these statistics in mind, The STEM Alliance of Central Florida is working to promote excellence in STEM education and support our local STEM talent pipeline.

STEM Alliance of Central Florida

The STEM Alliance of Central Florida was formed with one of the nation's greatest economic challenges in mind: only 5% of U.S. workers are employed in science and engineering fields, despite the fact that STEM professionals are responsible for over 50% of the nation's sustained economic growth.

Since our inception, the Alliance has worked to promote excellence in STEM education within Central Florida's public schools. With the aforementioned statistics in mind, we are continually working to improve the state of STEM education while simultaneously growing Central Florida's STEM talent pipeline.  Our work facilitates partnerships between industry, community, and government entities, providing vital resources to the teachers and students who need them most. These partnerships make significant impacts in local STEM awareness, inspiring students while building a workforce pipeline vital to Central Florida's continued economic growth.

While our programming continues to adapt to local needs, our central values remain the same. At The STEM Alliance of Central Florida, we're continuing to engage local students in STEM programming, sparking an interest in STEM fields that will drive the next wave of skilled STEM professionals. With the support of our local industry, government, and educational leaders, the STEM Alliance continues to grow Central Florida's STEM ecosystem.

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